A good health is much more worth than having more wealth because you can enjoy the benefits of having good money only when you have good health. A healthy man is much more energetic, full of vitality and enthusiasm, cheerful and active and as a result more productive in whatever he does. Having a good health affects your physical, mental and emotional well being which in turn leads to happiness and a good quality of life.

Important points to keep in mind if you want to stay healthy and fit :

Balanced Diet

  1. Balanced Diet – One should try and go for a balanced diet which includes fresh and seasonal fruits, vegetables, whole grains and food rich in protein which has low saturated fats and calories which are in the right quantity.

Plenty of Water Intake

2.  Plenty of water intake – One should be conscious enough to drink plenty of water everyday in order to stay dehydrated, prevent dehydration and also helping him or her to maintain proper bodily functions.

Regular Exercise

3. Regular exercise – A regular exercise must be made a matter of daily routine. Be it walking, jogging, yoga, cycling, swimming or playing some sport or anything that one enjoys doing. A minimum of 30 to 40 minutes of exercise done everyday or most of the week days gives wonderful results improving your cardiovascular health, overall strength and well being. Exercising your muscles produces endorphines and a certain chemical that helps the brain to deal with stress. Done right in the very morning, one feels energetic and fresh enough to start the day with confidence and ready to face any challenges that come in his way during the course of the day.

4. A proper sleep – A good sound sleep is a great rejuvenator. One should have a sound and quality sleep of 7 to 8 hours as it allows your body to get a good rest, get repaired and recharged to be ready for the day’s work.


5. Meditation – Meditation also helps maintain good health. Meditation, deep breathing, exercise, yoga all help to calm the mind and help in tackling stressful situations. Good health means not just the physical fitness but also a calm and an emotionally stable mind.

Avoiding Junk Food

6. Avoiding Junk food – It is best to eat home cooked food which has a balanced diet while junk food should be avoided as far as possible, mainly processed food which is high in sugar and unhealthy fats leading to health issues. Health issues, when arise, involve extra expenditure on medical expenses which can otherwise be avoided by implementing life style changes of diet, exercise, good sound sleep etc.

Do Not Overeat

7. Do not overeat – One should also not indulge in overeating as it exerts non warranted stress on the body’s digestive system and in the long run may result in other health issues.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

8. Maintain a healthy weight – If one has to remain in good health one must maintain a healthy weight according to one’s height and age. The chart below gives an idea of the proper weight one should have.

Health Check-ups

9. Health Check ups – It is always good to have periodic health check ups particularly when one has crossed the age of 50 years. It not only infuses a sense of well being and a sense of relief but if there is something that is going wrong it is good to have it detected in time and start whatever the doctor advises so that the problem does not get aggravated.

Multi Vitamins

10. Muti vitamins – One should plan his diet in such a way that he is able to get a proper dose of vitamins such as Vitamin A, B6, B12, C, D and E or maybe consult a doctor to prescribe such medicines so that the intake of these minerals are in a proper dose as excess of anything also is not good.

Dental Care

11. Dental Care – Dental care is just as important as anything else in order to have an overall good health. It also helps in massaging the gums and reduces chances of cavity formation which causes the start of tooth decays. Hence although everyone brushes his or her teeth every day, the ideal thing is to brush your teeth after every meal or at least before going to bed as well. This daily practice not only helps in getting rid of bad odour, it also keeps the teeth shining white enhancing your smile value and your confidence level. One should also use dental floss on a daily basis

Alcohol & Smoking

12. Alcohol & Smoking – It is always good to be a non-smoker any day as smoking gets you a lot of nicotine in your body, affects the quality and health of your lungs and consequently your heart as well. Heavy smokers get breathless while climbing up the stairs and feel uneasy and heavy in their heart. Most of the patients with cardio vascular problems are smokers or have been smokers in the past. Smokers are advised to quit the habit for good to have an overall good health and once they do that they will see the difference themselves, bubbling with energy if they add an exercise routine to it. The same holds true for alcohol consumption.

Screen Time

13. Screen time –These days there is no way one could avoid using a TV, cellphone, laptop and as more and more work is now being done using these devices it is becoming a health hazard in itself. This adversely affects the health conditions of those who have to work long hours using these devices, the areas more prone being the eyes and the spine. These people then complain of recurring back aches and eyesight issues and end up having to wear glasses. As a good posture plays a vital role in maintaining good health, one should take a small break from the screen, walk around for a few minutes or so to reduce the stress on the spine.

Positive Mindset

14. Positive mindset – A golden key to a good health is a positive mindset which makes one keep cheerful, happy and full of enthusiasm. Mind you, this phenomenal word ‘enthusiasm’ works miracles – the word itself is derived from the Greek word ‘enthous’ which means ‘full of God’. One who is always enthusiastic will never be depressed or sad, on the contrary he will be full of action and ready to put his best efforts wherever he is or whatever he is doing. Having a positive mindset is so stimulating that the brain starts producing chemicals which work wonders for the physical body and well being leading to an enhanced level of joy and happiness.

Remaining Socially Connected

15. Remaining socially connected – It is said that ‘Man is a social animal’ and cannot remain isolated from the society leading to a disease like situation called loneliness. A person with a positive mindset will, as mentioned earlier, will always remain cheerful and happy and bound to stay socially connected with his childhood friends (which is the best antidote for loneliness), his other friends and colleagues, his brothers and sisters, relatives, and above all spend quality time with his own nuclear family. All this works as a concoction and a support system that keeps him mentally calm, having a peace of mind that invariably works allround to enable him to follow all the measures for having a good health.

What young people should avoid

Many of us, mainly the younger generation, are spending a lot of time on social media and glued to their mobile phones till late at night so sleeping late and not getting the proper sleep of 7 to 8 hours which may not be much of an issue for them as the bodies are young and can presently cope with it but gradually with time this habit will start having its adverse affect in different ways without them even realizing the co-relation between the two.

Most of us generally are practicing and following most of the points mentioned above and all they need to do is to focus on the ones that they are actually not implementing and following. For example, one is taking a nutritious diet but at the same time is also consuming a lot of junk food with a lot of sugar content and unhealthy fats which offsets the benefits of a nutritious diet to a great extent. This can very easily be avoided or minimized. Or one is taking a nutritious diet but at the same time indulging in over eating as well leading to excess weight.

Most of us are keeping a good health on the face of it but not doing any kind of daily exercise and it seems alright, but the beauty of a daily exercise routine followed religiously is that it builds on immunity and helps you in adverse situations when they arise, maybe in the form of a physical ailment, or a bad phase in life as exercising or meditating develops a positive mindset which helps you cope with the situation at hand.


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